Meet Our Pharmacy Family


Charles Barone Jr

Charles is the owner and supervising pharmacist at Ivylea Pharmacy. He has owned the Pharmacy since 2008 but has worked here since he was 17.


  • B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Buffalo
  • Doctor of Pharmacy- University of New Mexico 2001
  • NYS Registered Pharmacist since 2001
  • Member of Pharmacist Association of Western New York

Mary Ellen Manuszewski

Mary Ellen is a staff pharmacist who graduated from the University of Buffalo and currently lives in Grand Island.

Chris Daly

Chris is a staff pharmacist who is also a professor at the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy.

Laurie Gauthier

Laurie is our Clerk/Cashier and has been part of the Ivylea Pharmacy for 5 years.

Stephanie McDonald 

Stephanie is our pharmacy technician who is currently applying to pharmacy schools.

Fay Creathorn

Fay is our Pharmacy Intern who is in her 3rd year at the University of Buffalo and will graduate next May.

Peter Klopp

Peter is our Pharmacy technician as well as a clerk and delivery driver he has worked here for 5 years and is also applying to pharmacy school this year.

Patrick Klopp

Patrick is one of our delivery drivers and is Peters younger brother.

Jason Merz

Jason is one of our Pharmacy drivers and clerks and has been with us for 2 years.

Jonathan Wang

Jonathan is our newest Pharmacy intern and is currently a 2nd year Pharmacy student at the University of Buffalo.